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FADA Radio & Electric Co;
Long Island City, New York.

Frank Angelo D’Andrea was the creator of FADA radios. For the name of his company, he adopted his initials: F.A.D.A. When the radio boom hit in late 1921, FADA couldn’t produce crystal detectors fast enough, and soon it was renting space in three different places on the same street; Jerome Ave. in the Bronx. Around 1923, FADA started manufacturing radios, which were well accepted by the public and experienced a rapid growth. After employee troubles, FADA more or less fell apart. Its production was really small when it was sold in 1932 to a group of Boston businessmen, and in 1934, FADA filed for bankruptcy. It was revived by New York interest continuing in business until the late 1940’s. FADA radios are well known and desired by radio collectors because of their fabulous designs. At its peak, FADA was a huge radio company that produced several catalin radios. Most popular were the "bullet" models, which were priced around $20.

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